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Design Department

Our Design Department is where fun, creativity and passion come into one. Our talented designers pour ideas, combine taste to create designs that best suit our clients’ vision. We figured that fitting and silhouettes hold the key into making our uniform looks good and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, we also make sure that the quality of our products fulfill international standards and preference, including factors such as sizing, fabric, and labelings. Pure creativity along with professionalism floods this department, making us one of the best in what we do.

Production Department

Our Production Department holds a significant part in the whole process of creating high quality products that are up to par with our standards. The department is divided into several sub-departments including cutting, sewing, and finishing departments. Cutting department is responsible in making perfect pattern using high technology machineries such as CAD/Lectra System (automatic pattern maker) and pattern sewer machine, while the sewing department implements the patterns on garments. Our assembly line system ensures high standard of workmanship and high quality products. This system separates us completely from custom made tailors and home industries. Our state-of-the-art equipments help to maintain our quality, speed, and minimize errors. Our finishing department sums up the whole process, applying on small, but important details and making sure there is no error of any kind on the finished products. It is responsible for quality control and with machineries such as steam boiler and installation, fusing press machine, eyelet buttonhole, and lock-stitch button attachment, it is also responsible in creating a put-together look on the products.

Automatic Pocket Welting Machine
20 Heads Embroidery Machine
Automatic Pocket Setter
Automatic Multiply Cutting Machine
Automatic Button Holing Machine
Automatic Single Ply Cutting Machine
Automatic Template Sewing Machine
ETON Hanger System
Automatic Button Sewing Machine
Automatic Belt Loop Attaching Machine
Automatic Dart Sewing Machine
Automatic Collar Topstiching Machine
Digital Printer Sublimation
Pattern Cutting Plotter
Single Head Embroidery Machine
Marker Plotter
Automatic Sleeve Placket Setter
CAD Pattern Maker & Grading System